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What does "Designed for Babies, Delicious for Everyone" mean?

Designed for babies simply means that this product follows all the guidelines parents are looking for when giving solid foods to their little ones! This means they contain no added sugar and no added salt (not recommended for infants under 1 year), are a source of iron (recommended to feed infants under 1 year iron-rich foods) and contain only nutritious, all natural ingredients. Delicious for everyone simply means that these products are not just for babies! Anyone at any age. can enjoy a delicious and healthy pancake or muffin mix. 

What age do you recommend giving Riley's Kitchen products?

Riley's kitchen products are designed in line with baby-led weaning, where babies eat "real" food and can self-feed. Solid foods are not recommended before 6 months of age. Beyond 6 months, you can feed Riley's kitchen products to your baby as long as they have good sitting balance and head control, and can grasp their food and independently feed it to themselves. Make sure  you serve any food in an age-appropriate way (ie. into strips). 

What milk should I use to make Riley's Kitchen products?

Our products work with any milk of your choosing. We personally use unsweetened soy milk. To keep the product sugar-free, make sure you are using a plant-base milk that is labeling "unsweetened". If you are out of milk, our pancake mix also works with water!