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What does "Designed for Babies, Delicious for Everyone" mean?

Designed for babies, our products adhere to the exacting standards parents seek when introducing solid foods to their little ones. They are crafted without any added sugar or salt, as these are not advisable for infants under 1 year. Furthermore, our offerings are rich in iron, aligning with the recommendation to provide iron-rich foods to infants under 1 year of age. These products feature only wholesome, all-natural ingredients, ensuring the best nutrition for your child.

But 'Delicious for everyone' goes beyond just the little ones! Our products aren't limited to babies; they're suitable for individuals of all ages. Whether you're a parent or not, anyone can relish the delectable and healthful flavours of our mixes.

What age do you recommend giving Riley's Kitchen products?

Our Riley's Kitchen products are tailored to support the principles of baby-led weaning, which encourages babies to explore 'real' foods and develop self-feeding skills. It's essential to keep in mind that solid foods are generally not recommended before the age of 6 months.

Once your baby reaches the age of 6 months and exhibits strong sitting balance, head control, and the ability to grasp and feed themselves, you can begin offering Riley's Kitchen products. Remember to always serve the food in a way that is suitable for their age, such as cutting it into manageable strips for safe and independent consumption. For more information we recommend consulting your family health care practitioner.

What milk should I use to make Riley's Kitchen products?

Our products work with any milk of your choosing (plant-based or dairy). We personally use unsweetened soy milk! To keep the product sugar-free, make sure you are using a plant-based milk that is labeling "unsweetened". If you are out of milk, our pancake mix also works with water, also they will be slightly less flavourful.